The AKO profile

AKO The Spice Company! forms part of a group of companies of global significance. As an owner-run import trading house and processor of raw spices,
we import several hundred containers and lorry loads of raw spices each year and process them in our own German enterprises.

As a B2B enterprise, we provide European spice compound producers, whole-sales, spice packer and prestigious food operations.


Our services include:

Stringent supplier selection in global sourcing

Strategic buying worldwide

Importing and import handling of container

Strict incoming goods controls
according to European criteria in our
in-house laboratory and accredited external

Germ reduction (Heat-Treating)

Cleaning and Purification of natural spices
in a 3-stage process

Grinding the spices (cold grinding

Sieving into a variety of corn sizes, and

Packing into a variety of packaging sizes


In our own, European premises according to global food standards and with German efficiency.

Our Concept

With our modern and unique concept, the work of AKO Smart Business, with lean organisation and focus on the essential operative processes, always results in benefits, which we pass on
directly to the customer:

Low prices – AKO prices
are the benchmark in the branch

Standardised assortments of
standardised qualities (ESA/ASTA)

Transparent processes at all times

Supply even where product availability is low

Production made to order

Uncomplicated and low-cost logistics
No dependence on a costly external
Minimal administrative expenses
Monthly price lists with guaranteed prices
Up to date market information with the
market telegram free of charge

Our Locations
Situated in Hanover we import directly, because our headquarter is conveniently situated at the junction of A 7 and A2 freeways, only 150 km south of Hamburg and 420 km from Rotterdam. In the middle of Europe!

At several European warehouses and two
German processing locations, in Hamburg and Ronnenberg/ Hannover, we take over goods, secure and process the raw spices directly imported by us.

A central European logistics centre with a storage area of 21.OOO m³ and five additional storage locations throughout Europe guarantee 1,3OO tons of mono herbs and spices which are available daily, directly and in an instant from our stocks.

Our Full Assortment

We offer our customers all important mono herbs and spices from more than 2OO sources worldwide. On top of that, we are also equipped with a certified organic assortment of tropical spices.