AKO Purchasing

In order to stay well informed of, and be able to react quickly to, fluctuations in production and scarcities on the international market, we have a stable network of information sources and contacts at our disposal, as well as solid relationships with our suppliers.

Our international network consists of:

direct contact with suppliers at the source
our own purchasing and quality agents based
   at the locations
international contacts

so we are well informed in good time about bottlenecks or price increases at the source, often well ahead of time, before they become known in Europe. This information advantage
is highly beneficial for purchases and selective stock-keeping. 

By buying directly from the source – exempting us from intermediary European trade – we also save on European mark-up values. We then pass on these benefits to our customers in the form
of low prices.

In the future, it is anticipated that there will be a global shortage of raw materials. Growing areas will diminish, while domestic consumption in countries of origin will increase. In the emerging nations, wealth is increasing and consequently the human consumption of proteins and spices is increasing. The expected consequence is that spices will become more scarce, which could jeopardise the even supply of goods to the European market.

With our experience and thanks to our networks, we are already an influential trading partner for growers. AKO’s many years of business relationships are paying off: our outstanding contacts will also safeguard good supplies of spices in the future too. This makes AKO the reliable European supplier – even when product availability is low