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On our own account:
Covid-19 – current situation
Successful shipments from China have brought garlic powder and granules to us. We can also deliver (again) the following products:

    Organic anise whole and ground (new articles)
    Herbs – finished from current grinding: rosemary, thyme oregano, basil and marjoram.

On our own behalf, we would like to emphasize again that we grind ourselves in our own mills and with cold grinding, so that we can guarantee what we put in the mill.
We would particularly like to inform our various new customers that all questions regarding certification have been answered on our website www.ako-spice.com under Quality / Download Center. We are also happy to discuss contracts, so we can offer more security for some customers.


Coriander heat-treated – Eastern Europe
The drought can make supply very difficult and prices can continue to rise. See point contracts.
Fenugreek seeds heat-treated – India
Unfortunately, due to the SHUTDOWN in India, some Indian articles have not been shipped or shipped late. Fenugreek, turmeric and onions are also affected.
Garlic products from China
After the first 2-3 months – with considerable restrictions in loading – the situation has now stabilized and enough goods have arrived.
Oregano – Turkey and Greece
There is enough goods available with corresponding analysis values.
Onions – India
There is enough goods available and numerous quantities are loaded again.

Pepper white heat-treated – Vietnam
Our Asian suppliers have also loaded well and we are therefore happy to offer contracts or our numerous grain sizes. With black pepper, especially from Brazil, we expect prices to fall even further due to political tensions.



AKO The Spice Company! certified according to FSSC22000.