USD 1,165


Black and white pepper
The bottom of the downward price movement has been reached and the trend is slightly up. The new harvests in India and Vietnam will be good, but will no longer reach the “super harvest level”. We therefore expect a stable price level in the next few months.


Cloves – diverse origins
Worldwide, the prices for cloves are coming under increasing pressure, as the main customers (cigarette industry) – due to the decline in smokers – have to buy less.


Fenugreek seeds, germ-reduced – India
Prices are rising because the partial lockdown in India and difficult shipments lead to increasing prices.


Garlic – China
After the last harvest, prices fell sharply and are now rising again, as the garlic has to be stored in cold stores and thus energy costs become an important factor.


Herbs – Egypt
The prices for herbs from Egypt have risen slightly in the last few weeks and will not become cheaper this season either. Firstly, freight prices are generally increasing worldwide and secondly, the farmers in Egypt also grew less after the last harvest, as the prices were very bad.


Mustard seeds – Eastern Europe
The price level has increased slightly, as very good spice qualities are unfortunately difficult to obtain. We pay our attention to a purity of more than 99.5% minimum.






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