USD 1,12

Cumin – steam-sterilized Syria

The new crop from Syria is slowly getting cheaper. The country has calmed down a little bit, so that we expect stabel prices and good qualities.


Garlic – China

After the new harvest,  market is running down a bit. Due to the high prices of the past, sufficient goods had been grown and we can expect stable prices in the coming months. At the end of the season, prices could rise again because the garlic has to be stored in the cold store.


Gloves – various Origins

Due to Corona, cigarette sales (Cigarettes Kretek) are declining in Indonesia, as smoking with a mask seems to be difficult 😊. Due to  lack of demand,   price falls worldwide in all origins, and Gloves are presently cheaper than ever.


Pink Pepper (Shinus terebinthifolius)  

The new harvest arrives in the next few days and after control we see stable prices at slightly lower price level.


NEW Imports Mono Sodium Glutamate E 621

In the last few days, a new container from China has arrived. The analysis values are good, the product is medium crystalline 40-80 mesh. We now offer an attractive special price (ex factory) for orders of 5000 kg or more, but also smaller purchase quantities can be obtained from us. (see prices on the price list).



On our own behalf:

New Label Design:  our label layout for 1 kg of packaging will be changed in the near future.

New design, coloured, cool!

In the long term, we will also change the bags of 1 kg goods to more environmentally friendly, varietal sealing edge bags.

We ask for your attention.


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