USD 1,1350


Allspice – Mexico and Honduras germ-reduced
The dispute over the wall, which the Americans now have to pay themselves, caused the Mexican currency to gain strongly against the USD. Therefore prices for allspice are rising.

Garlic – China
The new harvest will take place in May to be dried in June. In addition, the acreage declined by about 30% this season, because the low prices have not motivated the farmers to more cultivation.


Nigella  – Syria, steam-treated

Due to the low prices in the last year, the acreage in Syria and India had been reduced, so that prices are rising now slightly.


Pepper black and white, steam-treated

Now the new harvest in Vietnam is in full swing, it is estimated that more than 250,000 tons of pepper will be harvested in the next 4 months. This large quantity increases pressure in the market and we expect prices to fall slightly. New and big demands come from China, as due to the low pepper prices the Chinese people can afford more.
For the next few months, we expect a constant supply of goods at the level of today. Small currency fluctuations can lead to up and downs.
Rosemary – Morocco
The harvest will take place first in 3-4 months. The rosemary harvest is under state supervision in Morocco. At present, however, no harvest permits have been granted by the government.

Organic products:


Allspice – Honduras steam-treated
Also new goods arrived and can therefore be offered cheaper.
Cardamom – Honduras, steam-treated
New goods arrived and are ready for sale in about 14 days.




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