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Allspice -Mexico steam-sterilized


Price slightly decreased because the Mexican Peso weakened due to political discussions (Trump).


Cardamom – Guatemala steam-sterilized

Unfortunately, only the Guatemala crop is available, as India – with an average volume of 25.000 mt failed – due to the flood in August 2019. Therefore, India has to cover in Middle America. Thus, products become scarce, availability is bad and prices are increasing.
Marjoram – Egypt


Last crops goods are getting scare. The new harvest is expected to take place in 6-8 months.


Turmeric Powder – Indian steam-sterilized

Prices increased due to exchange rate USD/EUR.


Onion – India


It is becoming ever clearer that the new crop in February will not meet our expectations because it will be lower by 20-30 %. Therefore, we will soon return to old price-level.


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