AKO Laboratory

Safety according to a recognised System

In our in-house laboratory, which operates under the leadership of AKO quality assurance, the following fundamental analyses take place using the most modern technology and meeting the newest requirements over an area of more than 8Om²:
• Incoming goods controls
• In process controls
• Hygiene and allergen controls

The incoming goods controls always take place in accordance with the certified and
consistently updated spice analysis plan. This plan corresponds to European
food laws (see Down-Load Center Adobe_PDF_icon_kl for more information)
These includes:
Sampling plans according to EU/ German
   rules and recognised regulations
Microbiological tests
Chemo-physical tests
Optical tests
Sensory tests.

The testing processes are recognised and always updated, validated and verified.
AKO quality assurance’s leadership forms a cluster of competences: they are active in committees and research organisations, participate in cooperation with universities and conduct advanced training of food control authorities.

Quality assurance for standard analyses

The following provisions – depending on their relevance – are included in the quality assurance for standard analyses:
Essential oil content
Drying loss
Starch detection
Overall bacteria count
Staphylococcus aureus
Coliform bacteria
Salmonella (n.n./25g)
Yeasts / Mould
Bacillus Cereus
Sulphite red. Clostridien
Enterobacteriaceae (as a special test)
(See Down-Load Center Adobe_PDF_icon_klfor more information)
The results of all tests are entered into the product clearance process and documented in analyses.
These analyses with GMO declarations and specifications can be requested at any time.