FSSC Certification

Throughout Europe, several million people eat food products each day that were produced with AKO spices. So that our customers can always depend on us, we have taken on this responsibility and been successfully awarded the FSSC 22OOO certification by the independent body TÜV Nord on 17 May 2O13. This made AKO one of the first German companies and one of the first spice importers with own processing to be able to meet this standard.

The Food Safety System Certification 22OOO is currently the most stringent globally valid management standard with its focus on the
planning and realisation of safe food. It was created by representatives of the international food industry, members of the ISO Standard Committee and representatives of the international food retail sector, and encompasses all processes in the food production chain that directly or indirectly influence the final product. In contrast to IFS and BRC, the FSSC 22OOO is based on norms and is not just the private standard representing one specific interest. Leading food producers such as Nestle, Unilever, Heinz and Kraft choose to use this standard in favour of IFS/BRC.


comprehensively fulfils the standard of
international trade chains and major brands
in the food industry
also includes FOOD DEFENSE (risk
assessments with preventative measures for
minimising food contamination)
is based on ISO standards and internationally
recognised, independent certification
is recognised by the Global Food Safety
Initiative and EA (European Cooperation for
is supported by European Food and Drink
Association (CIAA) and American Groceries
Manufacturing Association (GMA)

FSSC and other standards

FSSC 22OOO was created to harmonise
the existing standards worldwide.
The aim is to avoid multiple Certifications
and documentations.

FSSC 22OOO therefore meets

the requirements of ISO 9001, IFS, BRC
and includes GMP, HACCP, SQF, PAS 220,
PAS 223, PAS 96 and the Codex application steps, as well as Global GAP

For more information as well as the certificat see
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