Bio Zertifikat deutsch bis 31.01.2023

Organic as well?
But of course!

We all dream of a better world. Food production in harmony with nature, minimal use of pesticides or fertilisers and products without risk. The demand for organic produce and organic spices is growing as a consequence.

And we have readied ourselves for this. With our own biological insights, experiences and contacts in the spice cultivating countries, we have found reliable suppliers for spices of organic quality.

In this regard, our suppliers meet the requirements of EU ECO-Regulations for organic products. Within these regulations, the use of fertilisers, pesticides, genetic engineering and radiation is regulated. These suppliers are subject to strict regulations and continuous controls from both independent and EU-recognised control boards.

Alongside the globally valid management system for food safety (FSSC 22OOO), AKO has been certified according to EU ECO-Regulations since June 2O14. Our organic imports and our production are thus subject to regular controls. The organic products are processed further according to organic standards in our sites, i.e. they are steam-treated, purified and/or ground or sold on as original organic goods. Our control board, accredited according to EN 17O65, examines their compliance with the legal requirements.

The organic cultivation areas are indeed growing, but the proportion of organic farmers cultivating tropical spices is still very sparse. Trustworthy suppliers and reliable quality are particularly important to us. For these reasons, organic produce is only available to a limited extent.

For more information about our organic range, please refer to our website chapter Spices/Organic Spices. You are kept up to date with the organic qualities available in our price lists appearing monthly. Please request our current price list at an.