The international spice market is always on the move. This makes it difficult to follow and complicates purchasing. Spare yourself the time and cost-consuming journeys which offer no guarantee of results. Differences in mentality, reliable promises of quality and loyalty remain unpredictable risks– even after getting to know people. Without long-standing partnerships and importing power, only snapshots remain from your travelling experiences. The import risk as an EU distributor remains. Even the capital committed in stocks. Leave this to us, as our sourcing strategy is your prosperity. With our international networks, whose connections go deep into the countries of source, we bear the import risk, reduce your costs for tied-up capital, and provide you with security of supply. This takes the weight off your shoulders and you can profit directly from AKO SOURCING KNOW HOW.

As a direct importer of raw spices, we watch over the markets in over 2OO sources for our customers. Harvests, differences in quality, currency fluctuations, trade barriers, economic or political instability and climatic threats all form part of our daily routine. We cross borders, as we know and assess our suppliers personally. We help our suppliers themselves to develop further, to help them to comply with European quality assurance
and ecologically minded requirements. In some countries, we employ personnel on location to guarantee quality. Cooperations with our partners at source maximise the quality of product even before it is imported. As a direct importer, we optimise import costs for the benefit of our customers. Multi-stage importing transactions, global logistics, tolls, incoming goods controls and import risks can all be safely and securely left to us.