European laws and regulations are diverse and especially precise. They are often subject to amendments and additions. What’s more, the requirements of the trade itself and of the certifiers are also growing. As a result of this lack of transparency and flow of information, reliable partners are needed to remain operable and flexible in purchasing. We have created a name for this exact purpose: AKO COMPLETE CARE. Our customers profit from our experts. We offer guidance and counselling in the areas of purchasing and quality assurance. All included. AKO forms part of international working associations and participates in research projects. As a result, we don’t just receive widespread international recognition from our customers. GERMAN SICHERHEIT in this area describes comprehensive know-how and our own high claim to security. Purchasing, quality management, production and the laboratory all come closely together with us, for your comprehensive security.

Our own approach goes far beyond that: AKO was awarded the highest global standard of food safety FSSC 22OOO as early as 2O13. The food processing operations are of the most stringent management standard for food safety in the B2B business, as recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). In comparison with the certifications of retailer chains (IFS, BRC) FSSC 22OOO is a more public, non-privatised standard with high demands. It was developed by globally active food manufacturers to supplement the existing rules. FSSC 22OOO places the highest demands on all processes: from planning management resources, preventative programmes, risk analysis with HACCP, traceability, purchasing (including selection of suppliers) and production, to the laboratory. From error management including crisis planning, food defence and training programmes to verification and validation. The certification is issued on a yearly basis by the independent body TÜV Nord. For more information about those special requirements, please see our website. AKO has also held certification from EU ECO-Regulations since 2O14.