The quality expected by customers is always rising. That’s good for us. The buyers possess a high calculable intellect. That’s also good for us. With its QUALIPRICING, AKO has answered the question of how its prices remain so favourite despite of the cost of high quality German production. Reliable spices, always at the best price; that’s QUALIPRICING. The combination of low purchase prices with processing by German workmanship, including logistic costs. AKO takes on all the necessary work processes that others have to outsource at additional cost of time and money. With German efficiency, we take on germ reduction for you, as well as recleaning and, on request, cold grinding of spices. This offers you the security of excellent, high quality processing MADE IN GERMANY and stable costs. All processing costs are included in our prices. According to European laws and norms, and with German thoroughness.

AKO QUALIPRICING also extends to our certified processing. Germ reduction is carried out in a purely physical process. Safe and no obligation to be labelled as such. Natural spices are individually and gently treated in a closed chamber system, without risk of crosscontamination. Without any flavour being lost. The similarly certified spice recleaning process is carried out effectively in triple-purification, a combination of sifters, sieves and magnets. This helps us to achieve an exceptional purity of 99.5 to 99.8%. The high-performance mills are innovative and extraordinary. In a closed process, the products are gently ground after arriving in Germany. This means they do not lose their essential oils, and retain their full aroma, after being transported from the source. The subsequent forced sieving guarantees absolute safety against impurities. All steps in the process are documented, traceable and are of course transparent to our customers. They are subject to the strict process controls in our laboratory. We can therefore know exactly what we are working with. German workmanship you can depend on.