That what we call AKO SMART BUSINESS means reliability and trust for our customers. As you can always count on us. The concept is simple and structured. It is carried out pragmatically, without fuss and without compromising on quality. The philosophy attached to this: plain and simple. A family business, led by people not driven by capital. We want long-lasting partnerships, not quarterly results! With security – for our customers as well as ourselves. An efficient, intelligent organisation, focusing all its business operations on the essentials. We work without sales representatives. We offer price lists with guaranteed low prices. Professional, dynamic, financially productive. Always to the advantage of our customers. Your success is our success.

Our concept at AKO SMART BUSINESS is new to the market. It has helped us to become one of the largest European spice professionals in Europe in recent years. As importers and processors, we are among the big names in the sector. More than 42 products from more than 2OO potential origins. Imported by full container loads. Our assets: our own germ reduction facility, our in-house laboratory, our processing in Germany, more than 1,3OO metric tons goods promptly available in our European logistics centre. We’re also front-runners in the field of food safety: we were awarded the global food standards Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22OOO) in 2O13, as one of the first German spice producers worldwide. In 2O14 we were certified according to EU ECO-Regulations. Our capital: know-how, engagement and an up-to-date understanding. We train farmers, collectors and exporters at their origins, offering seminars for our customers and tutoring German authorities. AKO takes responsibility. In working circles and in research committees. As an independent member of the ESA (European Spice Association) and the German Spice Association, we utilise close European networks. The AKO story is a success story. More importantly, it’s also a success story for our customers.