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Market telegram 11.02.2015


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New service at AKO: product of the month

New in our market telegram: Products of which our purchasing experts are aware of price fluctuations or shortages could still be offered at a reasonable price.

Cardamom ground heat-treated

The new Cardamom crop in Guatemala is 16 % lower than expected. The next crop will be in         Nov. / Dec. 2015. Cardamom dampens hunger, thus it is not only used as coffee flavor in the Arabic countries but is especially famous during the Lenten season (Ramadan: 17 June to 17 July 2015). Due to this reason, correspondently prices increase already in March until beginning of Ramadan.

AKO imports Cardamom from Guatemala. Because of the plant physiology, or rather because of the ground level and thus, the high risk of bacillus cereus, all imports will be heat-treated at AKO. For your safety!

Make sure to get your inventories to a low price to avoid having discussions about price increases.


Curcuma India

Our Curcuma is generally steam-treated in the Origin (India). Since many years, it is produced with a consistent quality having a curcumin content of about 3, 5 %. Due to limited interest in cultivation as a consequence of the bad prices in the previous year, the prices of Curcuma will increase. Ask for contracts and / or check your quantities.


Garlic – China

As a result of the weak EURO vs. the important currencies, such as the Chinese Yuan for example, the price increased. In China itself, there is no price change and enough goods are available. The new crop is expected in the next three months.


Nigella Sativa

Caused to a crop failure in India, prices will increase due to normal demand. Exchange developments play a major role, too. 


Marjoram – Egypt

The prices of all herbs coming from this Nile country will continuously increase as the farmers are looking for alternative crops with the higher profit. Herbs compete in Egypt with other foodstuff, i.e. wheat.


Currently, our cloves are from Sri Lanka. Although there are sufficient cloves available, the clove prices also increased due to currency.




All items, not marked with a * in our price-list are „Original-Import-Rawmaterials”. Products, which had been analyzed upon arrival in our factory. They adhere to the microbiologic demands of the EU, but had not been recleaned or processed by us.    Thus prices are very favourable. But please note: We will refuse claims of Original-Import-Rawmaterial with regard to potential impurities.


Items, marked with „N“  

have new names or are new within our range.


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 Free of charge: our deliveries are palletized on EURO-Pallets and stretched.




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