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Market telegram 25.10.2014

 USD 1,27

For your information:

Please note the new Organic products which were added to our assortment.  Some of them have already approached; others are expected to arrive in the next days.



Due to the bad prices being present the last two years the farmers reduced the growing areas.  Consequently, the prices increased rapidly despite of the new crop.  The prices doubled in the last two months.


Oregano – Turkey

There are 30 % less quantity of the new crop than expected and this leads to price increases.  In the future we expect stable prices on this level.


Pepper white and black

The export figures from Vietnam show that 140 000 tons has been exported by end of September 2014, more than the previously estimated crop size. The next crop from Vietnam will not be on the market before Marc h 2015. Therefore, we expect increasing prices in the next months and a scarcity of this product. This estimation counts for pepper white and black equally.



Due to a disease affecting the wild-growing trees (called “Rust disease”) the grains fall down earlier and the farmers are forced to collect them by hand. This leads to quantity losses. We expect 30-40 % smaller harvest, especially from Mexico, where the majority of allspice comes from.



The current crop is not good, therefore, the price increases. Even the Egyptian thyme crop cannot release this price-increase. 


Onions kibbled

The prices slightly decrease because there is a restraint in demand. There are still several months to overcome by arrival of the new crop in February / March 2015. However, the prices are expected to become stable.





All items, not marked with a * in our price-list are „Original-Import-Rawmaterials”. Products, which had been analyzed upon arrival in our factory. They adhere to the microbiologic demands of the EU, but had not been recleaned or processed by us.    Thus prices are very favourable. But please note: We will refuse claims of Original-Import-Rawmaterial with regard to potential impurities.


Items, marked with „N“  

have new names or are new within our range.


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indicates price changes with regard to our latest price-list.





 Free of charge: our deliveries are palletized on EURO-Pallets and stretched.




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