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Market telegram 27.09.2014

   USD 1,275

Organic products – NEW –

The assortment of organic products expends in small but quick steps. Beside of Organic Fennel whole, Organic Fennel ground and Organic Cassia ground, which we have on stock,  we are also able to deliver from 15th October onward, Organic garlic powder and Organic garlic granulate G1.


Coriander – Eastern Europe

The bad development of the Coriander crop in Eastern Europe becomes more clearly. At the beginning of the harvest the prices increase by 50 %. This fact only confirms what we already know since a few months. Please check your stock.


Ginger ground

Due to the political riots and problems with EBOLA, presently Nigeria is not able to provide us with ginger. The new harvest will be shipped in three months; Prices will still increase, as there is no relief expected from China and India. Please check your stock.


Allspice – Middle America

The allspice crop is strongly affected by a plant disease occurring in Mexico. Consequently, we must expect increasing prices in 2014/2015. The situation in alternative growing areas like Honduras and Guatemala does not seem to be better.


Chive rolls

The new crop is about to arrive and the prices decrease on a broad level. We expect again average prices in the next weeks, as the crop in Europe is good and China offers pesticide-free chive rolls.


Juniper Berries

Due to bad weather conditions additional drying processes are necessary for Juniper Berries.  Consequently,   this will have a great affect on the prices. The price will increase; we expect a higher price level for the year 2015. 





All items, not marked with a * in our price-list are „Original-Import-Rawmaterials”. Products, which had been analyzed upon arrival in our factory. They adhere to the microbiologic demands of the EU, but had not been recleaned or processed by us.    Thus prices are very favourable. But please note: We will refuse claims of Original-Import-Rawmaterial with regard to potential impurities.


Items, marked with „N“  

have new names or are new within our range.


Arrow up or down


indicates price changes with regard to our latest price-list.





 Free of charge: our deliveries are palletized on EURO-Pallets and stretched.




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