Market telegrams
Market telegram 26.07.2014


Anis – Syria

The new harvest will arrive soon and consequently prices will decrease.


Kitchen herbs

Also the kitchens herbs will arrive soon, too. This year, favorable weather conditions led to good qualities.  We will therefore reduce the prices for Basil, Dill tips, Marjoram and Parsley.


Nutmeg and Mace

Due to the new harvest and improved technology we are able to reduce the prices and simultaneously deliver with guaranteed values of Aflatoxins.  The “nightmare” of Aflatoxins has come to an end.



During the last seven months, more than 125.000 to Pepper have been loaded from Vietnam. Consequently, the market is empty. Farmers who still have “emergency reserves” are asking for about 10 US Dollars per kg ex farm gate. That points to an increased average price level worldwide. Worldwide demand for pepper is about 27.000 – 30.000 to per month.  Thus the question is how to cover all needs during the next during months!  Today there is hardly anything left and Pepper whole can hardly be obtained.


Mustard seeds

This product will arrive from Ukraine soon and the prices will decrease. Quality and color are fine.



For your information

In our price-list you can find a lot of additional information, which we would like to notify the most common ones:

 H/T :heat-treated

 Reduced TPC-Values and Ecolis, and Salmonellas which are killed: these are the results of heat-treatment of our products. The process is energy-intensive but tender. The combination of vakuum and heat provide safe products! 


*:  produced in our factory

All products marked with * had been processed in our own factory according to our strict management-system FSSC 22000. Either recleaning or milling: all products marked with * are MADE IN GERMANY!



All items, not marked with a * in our price-list are „Original-Import-Rawmaterials”. Products, which had been analyzed upon arrival in our factory. They adhere to the microbiologic demands of the EU, but had not been recleaned or processed by us.    Thus prices are very favourable. But please note: We will refuse claims of Original-Import-Rawmaterial with regard to potential impurities.


Items, marked with „N“  

have new names or are new within our range.


Arrow up or down


indicates price changes with regard to our latest price-list.






 Free of charge: our deliveries are palletized on EURO-Pallets and stretched.




AKO The Spice Company! certified according to FSSC22000.



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