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Markettelegram 12.04.2014

Anis h/t – Syria

Due to new arrivals we are able to lower the price a bit. Anis is generally offered heat-treated, so the goods have good values in terms of microbiology.

Herbs – Europe

We expect falling prices for all herbs from Europe as the new crops will be available on the market in approximately three to five months.

Nutmeg h/t

Due to a safe procedure we can truly say that nutmeg has been produced without any Aflatoxins problems in the last 9 months. Consequently, Aflatoxins has lost their frights. New in our range is Nutmeg with 10 ml / 100 gr. Only limited quantities are available.

Pepper green air dried

With a delay of two months, the new harvest arrived in our warehouse. Thus our price decreases against the tendency. Please note that only a limited quantity of this product is available.

Pepper black h/t– Brazil

The prices increase on a broad level. The last increase was nearly 15 % and the price will increase further.  There is a lack of Pepper in all Origins. Despite of various crops, there will be no relief in prices.

Pepper white whole h/t – Muntok

Actually we are able to offer Pepper white whole from Muntok. This high-quality pepper, produced in a traditional way, has its own typical strong odor.

Pepper white ground h/t – Brazil

For all other users, we recommend to use Pepper white ground from Brazil. This pepper is lower in price and not so intensive in odor.

Allspice- Mexico

Demand declined during the last weeks. Next crops from Guatemala and Honduras are expected in two to three months.

Nigella – Nigella Sativa India

Price went up during the last 6 months. Actually, they are settled to a relative stable level of + 25 %.

We are expecting further price increases.
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