AKO is an international trading firm specialising in herbs and spices with a strong corporate concept. Specialising in the buying and selling of raw spices and dried herbs from all over the world, we are one of the first spice traders / spice grinders to be certified to FSSC 22000. We supply customers from all over Germany and the European continent.

The central connection of our location in Hanover with the pan-European transport network ensures short routes and rapid delivery times.

Our philosophy is characterised by simplicity and clarity. Thanks to a lean, intelligent organisation, we focus all our commercial workflows on the essentials.

Global sourcing
We can respond at any time quickly and flexibly to market developments and even offer our customers products that are in short supply. Thanks to our team's in-depth expertise, we know and recognise economic relationships, harvest developments and the global financial markets. By selling in large quantities, AKO can achieve significant price advantages that are passed on directly to the customer.

European selling

When it comes to providing consistent supplies of raw spices from all over the world to the whole of Europe, we're in prime position. We uncompromisingly focus on the needs of

  • Companies in the grocery industry
  • Packing houses for household spices
  • Compound and additive manufacturers
  • Only B2B, from 150 kg per order in Germany or 500 kg in other European countries
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